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Soilbuild Construction Group ties up with ITE to advance students' skill set in the industry.

SINGAPORE - Students from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) will be able to tap expertise in the construction sector starting this year after it entered into a five-year partnership with a local built environment firm, Soilbuild Construction Group.

Built environment typically comprises of industries such as construction, facilities management and real estate.

As part of the memorandum of understanding inked on Tuesday (March 22), Soilbuild will collaborate with ITE to advance students' skill sets and prepare them for the workforce.

The firm will provide technical expertise to support the institute in developing training curricula and resources on aspects such as digital workflow in building construction.

Soilbuild will also share Building Information Modelling models, which ITE can adopt as case studies so students can learn through authentic examples.

Year 2 higher Nitec student Jabez Jayandran Selvarajan, 20, who wants to work in the related field, said: "With this, I can attain hands-on experience on actual equipment used in the industry, which will help better my skills."

Soilbuild CEO Ganessaraj Soocelaraj hopes that the partnership will inject more buzz and inspire more ITE students like Jabrez to explore career pathways in the sector.

Said Mr Soocelaraj: "Opportunities are aplenty, especially with the push towards greater adoption of offsite manufacturing, which relies more on niche skill sets than the conventional work at construction sites."

Currently, ITE has six Nitec, six Higher Nitec and four work-study diploma courses related to the built environment industry.

ITE chief executive Low Khah Gek said that each year, about 660 Nitec students and 540 Higher Nitec students graduate from these courses.

ITE and Soilbuild also intend to develop and deliver training courses for adult learners next year.

Article from: The Straits Times